Location: Kananaskis Country

Time: 5 hours

Distance: 12.10km

Elevation Gain: 739m

During this hike you experience so many amazing views including the notorious Mount Assiniboine. The majority of the hike is on a given path with a few areas of scrambling. Once you reach the peak of the mountain you get to enjoy a walk along  a long ridge that lets you take in the view of Spray Lakes and some incredible peaks. 

To access this hike take the Shark Lake Trail for about 500m then take a left up to Tent Ridge. You are in the Tree line for about 1.5km before you begin scrambling up to the ridge. I did this hike at the end of June and there was still snow in the shaded tree areas. Once you make it to the ridge you walk across for about 2km. There is one area along the ridge that doesn't have a defined path but I just looked further ahead to see where the trail started again and I made my route based on making it to there. 

When you make it back into the tree line there are a few paths. I always stuck to the one going more left and made it back to the car in 12km. Regardless of the path you take it will bring you back onto the access road.