Les Chicks Dans Les Chic Chocs

Last February I hopped in a truck to the Chic Chocs with a couple of Shred Queens. It was only this year that I became fully aware of the amazing skiing in Northern Quebec. When my best friend Heidi wanted to organize a ski touring trip I jumped on board right away.  We left Montreal from Jades house at around 6 am to make it to our hut in Gaspésie National Park. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at our home for the week and saw that we had electricity and our hike into the hut was more of a quick jaunt.

Day one: Mont Hogs Back

About 2 days before we arrived the area received over 1 metre of snow. This got us really stoked but also hesitant on the avalanche danger in the area. None of us had ski’d here and we were all unfamiliar with the snow pack. We headed to the visitor’s centre where we were given a couple suggestions and access to the recently updated avalanche reports. We decided to go to Mont Hogs Back as it had very low avy risk and looked like great terrain for our first day.

Quick little pit stop on our way to Gaspésie

Meet the team: Heidi Nixon, Nathalie Dyer, Jade Chretien, Me (left to right)

Day Two: Mission to Murdochville

Most of the skiing we had heard of in the mountain range occurred in Murdochville. There was a lot of cool terrain that was accessible through the Cat Skiing Resort, Chic-Chacs.  We decided to go to their headquarters and inquire about touring the mountains they serviced to. The kind dude working the front desk told us that most of their terrain was strictly for their clients and that we were unable to access it. BUT he then informed us about room in a helicopter for the last heli ski of the day so we said YOLO and joined the fun. Our afternoon of heli-skiing was absolutely incredible. I am still blown away at how big the mountains are in this area.


We went back to Chic Chac Hotel and sat in the common area uploading our footage from the day whilst enjoying fine sips of Fireball. We then went to the bar/lodge/dining hall for some Beers and Food. One thing led to another and next thing we knew we got invited to stay the night and invited to join in on a morning of cat skiing and heli-skiing!

DAY THREE: enjoying the finer things in life

The morning was epic! After a delicious breakfast we spent the morning cat skiing. There was soo much fresh snow and pretty rad terrain to ski. After lunch we enjoyed a Heli Ride to our last rip of the day. The past 3 days were truly incredible. Our simple touring trip became an epic ski adventure where we got to ski some of our best lines of the winter and got to meet some sweet people living in the area. I will 100% be back in the near future.


We headed back to our hut for our last night. We were soo overwhelmed from the past 24 hours that we completely forgot that we did not notify the others in our hut that we were not spending the night last night. When we got back they were all relieved because they were about to call in a missing person’s report. OOPS

Day FOur: Back To REality

Our morning consisted of adventuring around our hut and laughing at our past 2 days of “touring”. I ended up getting really feverish so we headed back to Montreal early. The drive was almost a breeze with one quick ditch stunt but was easily resolved when a nice man pulled us out. Thankfully Heidi is a beer rep and the guy was pleasantly thanked with a 12 pack of Canadian. After the 10 hour drive I hopped in my car and headed back to Ottawa so that I could make it to class the next day!