Sarrail Ridge

My first sunset hike! At around 6:00pm the girls at Hike365 and I begun our hike at the Rawson Lake trailhead. For about 45 minutes you walk through the tree line to Rawson Lake. Heidi and I decided to go swimming before our grind up to the ridge. 

Once we got around the lake we realized we only had 50 minutes to reach the top before sunset. We all gave it our all and made it up the slope in 35 minutes. I wouldn't call it a scramble but it does have some tricky terrain so I would recommend poles! 

We enjoyed the the beautiful sunset and made our way down. About half way to the lake we were in the dark and had to turn on our headlamps. Around that time we started sensing a large animal in the area. We made sure to stay close with our bear spray in hand and sang every camp song we could remember. 

The hike is a great length if you only have a half day as we were back to our campsite by 12:30 am. If you want something even quicker it is quite common for people to just go to the lake. 


Elevation Gain:622m

Duration: 5 hours