Plaine of six glaciers

Distance: 14 km

Well if you ever wanted to go on a Hike that looked like your screensaver... Plaine of Six is definitely one for you!

This is a very mellow hike where you get to see all the glaciers that feed Lake Louise. During the Summer months their is a Tea House about half way up where you can enjoy homemade scones and coffee. 

To get to the trail head you have to park in the Lake Louise lot. After 8:30am the lot is almost full so try and start this hike early. You will also beat the crowd of people going to the Lake. The hike starts on the back side of the Lake so follow the path that goes around on the right side. 

When we reached the end of the trail we stopped for a big lunch and watched as huge chunks of snow fell off the glacier. It was pretty friggen cool!