Distance: 17.54KM

Elevation gain: 889M

Duration: 6 hours (if you chillin')

A popular hike and for good reasons. To say it short this hike will take you through a wide range of scapes and vegetation. 100% worth the send. 

The first 2 hours are a rather steep climb as you cover the elevation gain. It's a rocky staircase that takes you through forested terrain with a couple peak a boo views. 

Coming out of the trees is like entering into a new world. It's a vast tundra with rocky scapes. You follow a wooden path to the other end. This is a great spot to break. 

You then walk down the backside into a valley. (Background pic). It's fairly steep & a slight scramble. But you'll enjoy the sounds of a waterfall that chills to the left of you and views of the snowy couloirs. YUP they still have snow in late July!  In the valley you walk on a trail of big boulders which is pretty fun. The path follows 2 rivers a few very muddy sectors but the park has done a great job to put down wooden bridges. 

At the 5KM to go mark you hit the cabin serpentine which is a great viewpoint to see the lines you can ski come winter. At this point the trail becomes busier with the casual hiker as some just take the trail to the cabin. 

For the remainder of the hike you'll experience switch backs similar to the start. Steep and slightly wet.

PRO TIP: Head to the Gîte Mont-Albert for a basket of fries and beer. 

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