Jumbo Pass

Last Summer I joined Hike365 to raise awareness around the Keep Jumbo Wild initiative. For those who are not familiar with this issue I strongly suggest watching Keep Jumbo Wild on Netflix! 

This pass is located 45 minutes from Invermere. To reach the trail head you have to go through some very narrow and bumpy roads. 

The second you step foot on the trail you begin to experience such beautiful terrain. It starts off in the woods with steep switch backs. However, your mind is distracted by all the creaks and falls around you. As you get out of the tree line you begin to see the beautiful Purcell's Mountain range and amazing meadows. 

Just before the peak you enter a meadow where Jumbo Hut is located. We stopped here for lunch and then began a scramble to the top of the peak!

This was hands down my favourite hike of the 2016 season. Meeting fellow Hikers is always such a treat. The views and history of this pass are just incredible. If you are ever in the area this is one Hike you should not miss!