A couple moths ago I decided to attempt Floe Lake. We were unsure if it was manageable with all the snow still around the area but we decided to attempt it anyway!

From the Floe Lake Trail Head we made our way through a really mellow trail. The nice thing about this hike is despite its distance and duration the hike has very minimal elevation gain which made it feel like a breeze. For about 6km the trail is very gradual. Due to the forest fire in 2003 you are exposed to the sun for the entire time. You then reach an area of debris from an avalanche that had happened this past winter (Parks might have cleared it by now but could possibly still be there) From there you need to walk through it where you can see the continuation of the trail on the other side. 

The next 3km is where you experience the elevation gain. The switch backs feel pretty steep due to the easy walk you had just experienced but all in all not too bad! Unfortunately for me I was about 200m from the lake where the snow all of a sudden got so deep that it was too dangerous to keep going. It was quite the dissapointment considering the distance we had just gone to get here but I told myself I would just have to come back again this summer!

Floe Lake


Elevation Gain: 671m

Duration: 8 hours