Eiffel Peak

Eiffel Peak consists of beautiful valley views, a fun scramble and the summit allows you to have 360 degree views of some of the most iconic places in the Banff National Park. When you reach the peak and stare right down at Eiffel Lake and turn clockwise you get a view of Eiffel Tower, Temple Mountain, Moraine Lake, and Glacier Mountain respectively. 

To get to the trail head you park your car in the Moraine Lake parking lot (go early the lot gets full real quick!) Follow signs for Larch Valley Trail and continue on the path all the way to the valley. There is a fork in the trail on your way up that has a sign directing hikers to the Eiffel Lake trail. DO NOT TAKE IT. Continue to follow the trail to Larch Valley. Once you are in the valley continue for another 300m where you will see another fork. Then go left. It should take you down to the creek where you will have to pass it to get back onto the trail. The path is really defined so if you have to question if it's a path you took the wrong one. From there you will enter into a plateau where you will experience some of the amazing views surrounding the area. After that its an uphill scramble the entire way.

When scrambling there are 2 paths. From word of mouth I was told the one on the right was most forgiving and I would agree. The rocks were big and really easy to grab on to but you still had moments of fun climbing! If you have experience with scrambling then you will find this quite easy but if it's one of your first times in this terrain I would consider this a more moderate scramble. 

The first half of the scramble is really mellow and not too steep but the last 500m are quite steep and a little challenging for me due to the snow still in the area that was melting onto the rocks causing it to be really slippery. 

This hike is quite the workout but the view is really worth it. When I went it got really smokey by the time we got to the top due to the wildfires occurring in interior BC. I will have to do it again!

Duration:6 hours

Distance: 11 km

Elevation Gain:1223m