No Plans, No Problem

January 2018

As a full-time student it's sometimes hard to plan your life further then your next project deadline. During the holiday's I was undecisive if I would pack my bags and head to the west or stay put and find fun in the east. After not much convincing I called up Heidi to let her know that I was staying in the east and wanted to go find some snow. With no plan Heidi, Jade and I packed our bags for skiing and survival mode and hit the road.


At 5 am my alarm sounded and I hopped out of bed picked up Heidi and headed to Saint Sauveur to pick up our last partner in crime Jade.

Jade and Heidi are hands down my favourite girl gang to go on ski missions with. We have a unique set of traits that allows us to get ourselves into awesome situations.


After 10 hours of driving we made it to a very cute Auberge 30 minutes outside of Murdochville. We made plans to hit the road bright and early to make it to Mont Miller for a day of skiing 


After a short and sweet drive we made it to Mont Miller. The mountain is serviced by 1 T-bar yet has over 30 runs and all fresh snow. Although I was 1000+km from home I felt like I was still there because I recognized so many familiar faces. I guess we weren't the only ones with the great idea. 

Thanks to the help of good ole social media I was reached out by an individual I met at the Red Bull Crashed Ice after party in Ottawa saying we could crash at his AirBnB for the night. Being that it was New Year's eve we hit the one shop in town to buy alcohol for our soon to be housemates. 

After many laughs we headed back to Mont Miller where the only party happening in town was at the lodge. At around 1 am we decided to end our fun so that we did not jeopardize another great day of skiing due to a throbbing head. One funny moment to bring up from that night is when we were walking back to the BnB we stumbled across a group of people climbing the church in town. They all had legitimate gear and were top roping to the bell. Murdochville is so small that they don't even have a cop in town. 

Our night ended with us getting cozy in a furnace room with our camping mats and sleeping bags. 



Being in a small town has a few challenges. Firstly, on New Years day you can guarantee that nothing will be open. We were up and out the door by 8am then realizing there was nowhere to get breakfast and we only had 120km left in our tank...

After our ski plans fell through we decided we should priortize finding gas and doing something awesome. Jade being a talking wikipedia page for Northern QC said we should drive 2 hours to see a famous rock in the Saint Lawrence Gulf. We laughed and started heading there with hopes we could make it to Gaspe first to fill up. 

When we arrived at Roche Percé I was in complete awe. Jade was right to say the rock was famous. I could not believe that it was located in QC. Upon arrival to the rock we noticed an open face that looked skiable. We decided to head back and try to locate how to get there.


We parked the car off the highway and got ready to tour. It took us under an hour to bush wack to the top. When we reached the end point I had another awe moment. This was by far the most unique place I have ever toured to. I was looking out at salt water heading towards the atlantic ocean! For about 10 minutes we just kept laughing at how unplanned our day was and how we somehow ended up here.  



Ever since my last trip out to the Chic-Chocs mountains I have been really intrigued by the real estate opportunities in the area. Ever since the mining operations shut down in Murdochville, a lot of houses went up for sale and the asking prices were quite low. 

I had been in contact with an agent looking at the possibilities to purchase a house. Once the price was right my dad and I sent in our offer under the condition of inspection. So the Queen's and I were technically on a "business trip" 

When we returned to Murdochville we went to the future Queen's palace and looked it over with the agent. After a quick tour the decision was evident and as of Feb 1 I will be a homeowner in one of the coolest towns in QC. I am definitely thankful to have a dad that also see's the value in purchasing property in cool ski towns. 

To celebrate we went and found some awesome lines at Mont Copper that directly faces the view of the property. It was a bluebird day the weather was nice and the snow was fresh. It was perfect. How could it possibly get better? 

We headed back to the Mont Miller lodge to scope out accommodation possibilities for the night. Jade and I went inside to talk to an employee at The Chic-Chac, a couple minutes later Heidi ran in saying "Ladies we are going cat-skiing". This is how it went down... Heidi stuck her thumb out at a passing by cat (not the animal). The guide stepped out and said "hop in" Heidi immediately asked if her 2 friends could come and he replied "ya I know who you guys are, get in". So not only were we heading up the mountain for sunset laps, the lead guide recognized us from our stunt last year. #QUEENSLUCK

We then spent the night at the accommodations for the cat-skiing group who were a group of super awesome individuals.


Every day I woke up just a little bit more sore, sleep deprieved and a lighter wallet. There was warning of a huge storm cycle coming through the following day with an aprox. snow fall of 60cm overnight. As much as that sounded like a great ski opportunity my legs, wallet and school obligations would not allow it. 

To end our trip with a bang, our new friend and head ski guide at the Chic-Chac gave us rope from his car and we went skiing in the streets. I am aware that in most situations this is dangerous and against the law. But when you are in a town with vacant houses left, right and center and no one around it can be quite fun. 

To get our legs moving we ended the day with a tour up Mont Porphyre. It was hella cold but we experienced such a unique sun dog and got to ski some really decent terrain. Unfortunately, we ski'd almost 2 km away from our car and had to x-country ski with frostbitten toes and hands before we could arrive to a freezing cold car. 


We immediately hoped in and drove to MTL getting us in at around midnight. Its crazy to think in just one day we ski'd the streets of Murdoch, hikes a mountain and drove 1000+km.  

Forever fortunate to have friends just as crazy as me